Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who is Fredrik?

Seeing as Fredrik is a busy man, I have taken it upon me to write both the questions and the answers, in the cases where I failed to find a good answer, I employed large quantities of artistic freedom. Enjoy! :)

What is your full name?

Carl Fredrik Roubert

Where were you born?

Fredrik was born in a suburb of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

When were you born?


What did you study and where?

CS at LTH Lund, and 2 semesters at ETH Zürich, (something he will never fail to mention).

What are your favorite spare time activities?

As I know him, it’s been wine, women, song and a bit of computer programming, and he seems to enjoy travelling as well.

How do you know the other team members?

Fredrik met Thomas at a café in Trondheim when he just sat down at his table and introduced himself, thus starting one of the more entertaining nights out in Trondheim. And Fredrik and Rico work together for Google Zürich on computer thingies. Despite their best efforts, my knowledge of their work is only PowerPoint deep.

What do you think of the other team members?

He knows we are both insane, but in different ways.

What do you bring to the team?

Fredrik brings his charm, the by far best looks and diplomatic skills that can get us out of any trouble the two other’s skills might get us into.

What are your main strengths and weaknesses?

Fredrik is a social creature and can get things done. This skill set is essential to the team and far outweigh any other weaknesses he might posses.

What kind of travels have you done before?

Fredrik has been everywhere in the world and still has a fan club in Norway, that pine for his return, as well as drinking buddies spread throughout the world, from Colombia to Japan. He now intends to expand this group into Central Asia.

How would you describe your driving skills?

Fredrik is a highly skilled driver and I have cruised around with him around Zürich, as a consequence, he is also the Captain of our vessel.

How would you describe your mechanical skills?

Let’s just say that he is a quick learner, and that should suffice.

What would you most like to do on the adventure?

Fredrik mentioned some rather ambitious plans for extracurricular activities on our little road trip, one of the things is seeing the Neutrality Arch in Ashgabat.

What places are you looking most forward to?

All of them basically.

What is your biggest fear on this adventure?

Fredrik is impervious to fear and is a firm believer in his ability to fix any possible situation that might arise.

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  1. I'd agree with all the made up answers as being correct apart from that suburb part; he was born right in the very middle of Stockholm, although he is not the one to blame for that. ;-)