Monday, June 25, 2012


At the Lotus Children’s Center

As mentioned before, The Mongol Rally rules stipulate that every participating team must convince their fans, friends and family to donate at least £1,000 to an officially sanctioned charity. As of a few minutes ago, we’ve now collected £2,153.25 in name of Ambulance To Mongolia for the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia, which helps orphaned, abused, and abandoned children in Mongolia.

We are very grateful to all of you who have donated money to this cause.

Now having reached our own ambition of raising double the required amount for the children of Mongolia, we would like to direct your attention to the children of Tajikistan:

This is Thomas’ pet project. The prospect of driving through Tajikistan in August has opened his eyes for the plight of a country forgotten by the world, and we in Ambulance To Mongolia have therefore made the Norwegian People’s Aid and their Mine clearing in Tajikistan project our own official charity. For those of you who haven’t already exhausted your resources by giving money to the children of Mongolia, here’s your chance to really make a difference the people of Tajikistan:

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