We will drive accross ⅓ of the earths surface, all the way to Ulan Bator.

The Mongol Rally is one of the last great adventures, going from Prague in the Czech Republic to Ulan Bator in Mongolia.

You can support us most of all by donating money on our behalf on uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/mongolia.to. All donations go to the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust (www.lotuschild.org), which helps children in Mongolia.

The distance is roughly 15,000 km, or about ⅓ around the world.

The journey will lead us through countries where just getting the visa is a challenge on its own, and that sometimes still haven’t mutually agreed on the shape of their borders. We will travel roads that barely deserve that designation, fight incorrect maps and “difficult” local regulations, and if we’re lucky, we’ll be in Ulan Bator two months later.

Please visit http://mongolia.to for more information.