Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vehicle Registration

Important news!

Our ambulance (Thomas insists we call her the HMS Dreadnought) is now properly registered with The Adventurists, approved by them to stay in Mongolia and they've confirmed that they've received the deposit we've paid to guarantee that we won't abandon it as scrap metal somewhere along the road if things would go really bad.

My good friend Fabian Wildenauer got us in touch with car mechanic Franz Lötscher (see previous blog post, Progress!) who did a careful examination of the ambulance, made a repair of a steering link (on his own expense, for the good cause! let that inspire you, too, to donate money) and wrote an assessment of the vehicle condition for the paperwork.

This means that we now are official participants in The Mongol Rally and that the most important piece of bureaucracy, that must be done before start, is done. One step closer!

To celebrate, we've ordered more pith helmets.

My brother and nephew in Sweden, admiring the ambulance.