Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Right Equipment

As you might imagine, we are making feverish preparations for the great expedition. And as you might imagine, there are hundreds of things that need to be examined, prepared, applied for, bought, sold, collected, customized, written and translated. But there are certain things that are considerably more important than getting visas and permits. What could that possibly be I hear you ask. It is of course the trusty pith helmet. The must have accessory of any would be adventurer for the last 300 years have always been and will always remain the trusted pith helmet.

The trusty pith helmet has been the headgear of choice for any adventurous man south of the alps since time immemorial. This essential piece of armour against the suns discolouring rays has been worn by distinguished adventurers like Lawrence of Arabia and Orde Wingate (when he could be forced to wear anything at all). It protects the bearer against all trials and tribulations one could possibly face anywhere in the world outside of the arctic. It leads an air of stoicism, panache, and adventurous spirit which is so sadly lacking in the world. And it's available on eBay.


  1. Pith helmet, Tropikhjälm, Tropehjelm, Tropenhelm … Buy yours now too:

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